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Our Story

Lakhey Nepal, a proudly “Made in Nepal” clothing brand, stands as a testament to our commitment to promoting Nepali craftsmanship and culture through the art of fashion. Each garment encapsulates the skillful work of local artisans, celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of Nepal. With a fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary designs, Lakhey Nepal aims to not just create clothing but to weave stories of Nepali culture into every fabric. Our tagline being “ culture in every stitch “. Join us in embracing authenticity, supporting local talent, and wearing a piece of Nepal’s rich artistic legacy.

Erina Shrestha


Madhubani Collection


What We Make


Formal and Street Wear for Women

Lounge Wear

Comfortable and casual clothing designed for relaxation and leisure

Lakhey Baby

Rash free, and skin-friendly fabrics made of cotton and Mulmul


Our Featured Products

Mostly inspired by vintage fashion, Lakhey Nepal incorporates Nepali fabrics with contemporary modern daily wear designs that makes them stand out from the other local brands.

Lakhey Nepal, focuses more on the fabric itself rather than experimenting with patterns, melding traditional dhaka with minimalist clothing designs for a nostalgic effect.

Lockdown Economy

Lakhey Nepal makes customized fabrics for production to ensure quality control. They have recently launched their sub-brands Lakhey baby for babywear and Lakhey Men.

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